It’s not just about work, but several other things-Social and Cultural, having fun and bonding as a team in our journey towards reducing the carbon foot prints.

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At Ayana we believe that when people are enthusiastic, the workplace ambience becomes fun! You look forward to enjoy the casual camaraderie among your colleagues. The teamwork improves productivity and work performance.
At Ayana, we try to ensure that the workplace has a vibrant atmosphere where employees share their joys and sorrows as if they are one big family!

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Work and Learn at Ayana. Be a part of Ayana’s journey!!
Being an intern at Ayana means that we are building together a challenging and rewarding experience!

As an intern, you'll get exposure to real projects and challenges in a vibrant environment and gain real work experience.

At Ayana, interns kick-start their careers in an environment that's exciting and fast-paced. We encourage creativity and imagination, and we know that innovation cannot be achieved without your new thoughts and ideas. Our mentors are committed to helping you learn both professional and personal skills that will benefit you wherever your career growth takes you.

Our internship program is for both – ‘Engineers and Management Professionals’.

Get ready to begin a new chapter of your life!