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The energy received from the sun’s radiations is referred to as solar energy. This energy, which is received in the form of heat and light, may be converted to various useable forms – the most common being Electricity.
Energy from solar radiations is harnessed in the form of electricity through the use of Photovoltaic cells. Photovoltaic cells are assembled in the form of modules which come in various size, variety and capacity. Photovoltaic modules are also called as Solar Modules for general reference.
Solar powered houses are not a rare phenomenon these days. Solar installations are mostly done to serve for a very long period, generally 20-25 years. Therefore, it becomes imperative to be very careful about technical aspects before installation is done. Solar installation of any form, rooftop or ground mounted, require wiring and capacity planning and panel placement. For all these processes, AYANA RENEWABLE POWER technical team designs and executes the projects with best practices and industry standards in consideration to avoid any technical anomaly in future.
Thus, it is absolutely safe to install solar panels on your roof-top or available land space within your premises.
It is true that solar panels require sunlight to produce electricity from the radiations received. However, it is a myth that radiations are received only during clear sky days. Solar panels can work both under direct or indirect sunlight. Clouds do not block the UV rays from irradiating the solar panels. In fact, presence of clouds ensures optimum temperature for power generation which is 25 degrees Centigrade.
Solar installation offers numerous benefits.
With the emergence of more efficient technology, the cost of generation of electricity from solar installations has drastically reduced. Thus, one can save on electricity bills with in-campus solar installations.
Solar installations are designed to work efficiently for years. Therefore, they require little maintenance to keep them working in order.
With ever changing grid tariffs, one can lock in energy-cost for years to come with solar installation.
Consumption of solar energy reduces your carbon footprint in general and reduces dependence on non-renewable resources for power generation.
AYANA RENEWABLE POWER plans and designs the installation to meet the requirements of the property avoiding any extra generation. However, if there is any excess generation then in some cases, net metering benefits provided by Discoms may be utilized.
The cost of a solar installation primarily depends upon property layout, required capacity and various other factors. However at AYANA RENEWABLE POWER, we provide solar installation with zero investment from your end. The cost of material and installation is borne by AYANA RENEWABLE POWER.
Customers are only required to pay the agreed tariff to the company.
In addition to the installation we also provide consultation from time to time on operation and maintenance of the installed solar system.
Solar systems are designed to work efficiently for years. They require only a little maintenance to keep them clean and functioning in order. Maintenance of solar systems generally means cleaning the panels so that its efficiency is maintained.
At AYANA RENEWABLE POWER, we take care of the operation and maintenance of the solar installations and its periodic examination. Client does not have to bear any cost of maintenance.
With the global cry for measures to check climate change and global warming, nations have become more conscious towards clean energy. Government policies these days encourage energy from renewable resources. Solar being one of the source of the clean and green energy, enjoys the right push and attention from the government bodies.
The team of experts at AYANA RENEWABLE POWER works relentlessly in getting all the permits and clearances from the government required for solar installation. For this only a little assistance from the client end is required. This ensures that customers can enjoy a hassle-free power supply without worrying about compliance issues.
Sun is a renewable source of energy. It is not only inexhaustible but also available in abundance. Tapping solar radiations to generate electricity does not produce emissions thus it helps prevent air pollution. Most of the fossil fuels used for electricity generation release huge amount of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere which is one of the major causes of global warming and climate change, that has caught global attention.
By going solar one can ensure their contribution towards solving the global warming and the climate change issues. It would also ease the pressure from ever increased demand of fossil fuels for energy generation.